Holland & Sherry

Gold Button Collection

From the second half of the seventeenth century, brass blazer buttons were produced in the city of London for military and civilian wear. When manufacturing became uneconomical in the more expensive parts of London, production moved to Birmingham in the Midlands, where it has continued for more than a hundred years.

Unlike inferior products, Holland & Sherry brass blazer buttons are all made in England, by hand.

Each button is cut from solid brass, individually die stamped in the traditional way, and then rough buffed by hand in preparation for plating in either 9CT gold, silver, antique silver or bronze finishes. There are 19 individual processes involved in producing each button.

The majority of our buttons also feature enamel detail in one, two or three different colours.

Each enamelling is applied one at a time using a fine paintbrush,before being fired in a kiln at a very high temperature to ensure permanence. After cooling, the button is carefully inspected and the raised detail is burnished by hand.

The Holland & Sherry Gold Button Collection VII introduces, for the first time, a small range of buttons incorporating two colour plating.

All our buttons are produced by craftsmen using traditional hand skills, and are inspected at each stage of the month long production process.

Buttons are normally supplied loose in any quantity desired. For the gift trade, we can offer elegant presentation boxes in dark blue, with the buttons mounted on velveteen pads in any combination of 14 buttons per box

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