Holland & Sherry

Autumn / Winter 2009 Collection

HS509 Cape Horn Classics

Cape Horn is an island situated at the southern-most tip of Chile in South America. The waters surrounding the island have been used for centuries as the main trade route for ships exporting goods throughout the world, including grain, gold and fine merino wools. This fine range of cloth has been woven from fine merino wool imported from the Patagonian region of Argentina. Abundant with fresh water and nutritional vegetation, the valleys of Patagonia are the ideal habitat for merino sheep. Due to the temperate climate the merino wools produced are generally no more than 18.5µ. The fibres are cleaner and stronger, resulting in a superior quality and high performance cloth.

The fabrics in this collection are woven from a 2 by 2 twill weave construction, one of the oldest and simplest cloth structures that equally distribute the interlacing of yarn in both directions, thus producing a well-balanced cloth of clearly defined colour and design. In addition, the finished cloth has superior strength qualities that contribute to the wear and drape requirements of the final product.

Pattern Number Weight (grm) Weight (ounces) Width (cm) Width (in) Composition Selvedge
668000 340 11 150 59 Super 100's Worsted with Cashmere CAPE HORN CLASSICS LUXURY SUPER 100'S WORSTED & CASHMERE SAVILE ROW LONDON

1668036 Dark Olive Sharkskin
2668040 Bright Blue Birdseye
3668047 Grey Stripe
4668034 Navy Solid
5668044 Mid Grey Herringbone Fancy
6668025 Navy Rope Stripe 3/4in

Registered in England No: 194697
Registered Office: 9/10 Savile Row, London. W1S 3PF