Holland & Sherry

Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Renowned for its crisp, clean environment, the Cloudy Bay region of New Zealand provides perfect conditions for producing the finest wools in the world. Grazing on a diet of herbs and clover, the refined merino flock from this region produces a wool quality that surpasses any other of its kind.

This collection is woven in both warp and weft directions from a 2 ply yarn giving the cloth strength and is constructed from a plain weave panama: this is the oldest and simplest cloth ructure, utilising the maximum number of warp and weft interlacing to produce a well balanced and clearly defined cloth. Designed, woven and finished in England, Cloudy Bay is characterised by a typical clear-cut, merchant's finish allowing air to circulate more freely throughout each fibre, keeping the body cool, refreshed and relaxed, ideal for a more temperate climate.

Holland & Sherry's 'Cloudy Bay' collection is made from the Finest Super 150's Worsted Wool and display que softness, purity, whiteness and strength. The light fine wool fibres ensure durability, softness and luxurious drape of unparalleled excellence.
Pattern Number Weight (grm) Weight (ounces) Width (cm) Width (in) Composition Selvedge
309000 240 7.5 150 59 Luxury Super 150's Cool Wool Worsted Suiting Cloudy Bay Luxury Super 150's Cool Wool Made In England By Holland & Sherry

1309010 Navy Glen Plaid Fancy
2309003 Tan Multi Stripe 5/16 in
3309040 Navy/Rust Stripe 7/8 in
4309024 Light Grey/Lavender Plaid 1 1/2 x 2 in
5309014 Charcoal Solid
6309002 Biscuit/Guarded Bold Stripe

Registered in England No: 194697
Registered Office: 9/10 Savile Row, London. W1S 3PF