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Vicuña Collection

Inca legend tells of the vicuña as the reincarnation of a beautiful young maiden who was wooed by an old, ugly king. She would only consent to his advances if he promised her a coat of pure gold. This is how the vicuña came to have its golden fleece. Considered sacred by the Incas, only royalty were allowed to wear the vicuña’s precious fleece, also known as the ‘fibre of the gods’.

The attraction of vicuña fleece has not diminished with time; today, vicuñas continue to be worshipped as sacred animals by the indignous Aymara Indians of Peru and Bolivia.

The incredibly soft and luxurious handle of the vicuña fleece has made this shy and diminutive creature a most sought-after treasure since the time of the Incas. These revered mammals are to be found in the extreme heights of the Altiplano regions of the Andes, most commonly in Peru.

A vicuña’s fur is thick but soft and the fibre length is rarely more than 25mm making it more suitable for woollen spun fabrics. However, the fibre that has been used to produce this range of fabrics has a staple length greater than 30mm; making it the first vicuña fibre to be spun into yarn using the worsted spinning system.

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